Assignment 2 Application Critique: Google Trips

Only a mobile app Google trips is a good mobile app with a pretty UI and good UX. Its true that mobile app is obviously more accessible during travel but it would be really great to have a web version too for planning stages, since planning is easier on a browser and you can do your research and planning on one platform, and do not have to go back and forth to the mobile app to feed your data. Fetching reservation details from gmail is buggy This feature sounded intriguing to me but it was unfortunate to learn that it does not function well. Lots of users have complained about the app not detecting correct reservation details and also continuous importing of backdated/changed reservations that have already been cleared from trash. This feature should be improved as it is a key feature and you definitely do not want users to miss reservation confirmation notifications. Timeline Functionality In its presentation, Group 7 emphasized on the timeline functionality that they woul

Week 2 and 3 done

Our assignment one is at a stable stage now, work is flowing smoothly. Moreover, our mid-assignment review was quite decent, so we don't need to make any major improvements in our existing app, just some minor UI changes. Hopefully, we can complete the project by the deadline. The lecture on 'presentation skills' by Prof. Damith was really insightful was helpful and we tried to incorporate his ideas in our assignment 2 presentation. The long weekend was spent working on the assignment 2 presentation. Thankfully, we had a great designer, Jaron, who did the slides quite well. The application we chose for critique was Mendeley and a lot of content was available for the presentation.

Week 1 done

Things escalate really quickly in this module. Before we had reached even 30% of the first assignment, the second assignment was given yesterday. Honestly, its scary but I'm having a lot of fun learning new stuff. I am working on the backend for the first assignment. I've never done backend coding. I learnt node.js and express in 3 days and my groupmates are really considerate and helpful. Ana helped me understand relational database since I've not done Database Systems or CS2103 yet. Hopefully, I survive the following weeks and our project becomes a success. 

What I hope to learn in CS3216?

Taking CS3216 in year 2, I'm actually really scared as of now. Nevertheless, I aim to become a skilled web developer by the end of the course. Moreover, I will definitely become quicker and more efficient in learning new technologies since the schedule is so packed and there is so much to learn. I want to become an enterpreneur some day and learning skills other than coding, like marketing, pitching is essential. Teamwork and working with new individuals from different faculties with also be an important part of the experience.